Crane Rental

McAbee has a wide selection of equipment rental services to meet all your construction and plant maintenance needs. It owns and rents a modern fleet of rental cranes, maintained & operated by certified/safety trained professionals.

All McAbee crane rentals include fully-certified operators experienced in each crane’s operation, load limits and maintenance schedules. Complete rigging, transfer and transport services are also available to assist clients in the safe offloading and setting of large and heavy industrial payloads.

​McAbee hydraulic rental cranes are available with up to 400 ton lift-capacity down to lift trucks rated up to 14 tons. Call McAbee for the latest list of available rental equipment.

Watch our cranes move a 10,000lbs bronze elephant statue to the famous Bryant-Denny Stadium.

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All Terrain Cranes

  • 350 Ton
  • 275 Ton
  • 225 Ton
  • 190 Ton
  • 175 Ton
  • 125 Ton
  • 120 Ton
  • 65 Ton
McAbee 275T crane overlooking Birmingham
Spyder Crane McAbee

We also offer a variety of other options, including:

  • Boom Trucks (40 Ton & 17 Ton)
  • Pickers (Various Sizes)
  • Carry Deck Cranes
  • Spyder Cranes