McAbee has implemented a comprehensive corporate quality assurance program. McAbee strives to provide the highest quality products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. The fundamental principle of our program is that, collectively and individually, the employees of our company are responsible for the achievement of our quality goals.

McAbee is committed to a work environment which all employees are encouraged to identify quality concerns and issues without fear of consequences. Behaviors that contribute to quality performance are identified and promoted by management to encourage continuous improvement.

McAbee’s standard for quality is upheld through every aspect of business, from the shops, to the jobsites, to the offices. In order to maintain a standard of quality that has become synonymous with McAbee, we developed a web-based program that minimizes inefficiencies and ensures quality control. Click below to learn more about McAbee Automated Tracking System (MATS).

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McAbee’s standard for quality is based on the McAbee Corporate Quality Assurance Manual (CQAM). This manual is designed around NQA-1 and serves as an outline of how McAbee approaches all fabrication and assembly projects from a quality perspective. The CQAM is supported by a large number of General Quality Instructions (GQI) and General Quality Procedures (GQP), which give a greater level of detail on how tasks are to be performed and how quality will be monitored. Project specific procedures and instructions may be developed and approved for use as necessary. Additionally, project specific Inspection Test Plans (ITP) are developed for all fabrication and assembly activities. The combination of the CQAM, the GQI’s and GQP’s, and the ITP’s serve as the “Quality Plan” for a given project.

The Director, Quality reports directly to the President/COO. Thus, quality personnel maintain independence from production cost and schedule considerations. The verification of quality is performed by persons or organizations not directly responsible for performing the work. Details of the organization and personnel involved in the quality assurance program can be found in Section 1 of the Corporate Quality Assurance Manual. The assignment of quality personnel will depend on the workload in both the pipe fabrication shop and the module assembly yard at the time work is to begin. However, a quality control representative is present at all work locations for the duration of a project. Subcontracted quality activities, such as NDE and heat treatment, are performed by qualified subcontractors.

McAbee proudly operates as an ASME code shop for pipe, tank and vessel fabrication.