Process Piping

McAbee is a major source for prefabricated process piping for industrial applications in the power, pulp & paper, refining, steel, manufacturing and chemical industries. With 60 years of experience, McAbee has developed a cutting-edge, proactive quality program which enables a more efficient, higher quality end result.

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McAbee Piping Facility

  • 144,000 Square Foot of Covered Fabrication Facility
  • 80 Acres of Laydown Area
  • Multiple Bays, Providing Segregation for Stainless Steel
  • Over 130 ASME Section IX Welding Procedures
  • GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, SAW, and FCAW Capabilities
  • Carbon, Stainless, Chrome-moly, Nickel Alloys, Titanium and More
  • Furnace and Local Post Weld Heat Treating Capabilities
  • PP, S, R, U1, and U2 Stamps
  • In-House Drafting Utilized for Quick Spool Drawing Turnaround
  • Multiple Modeling Software Solutions
  • Trained, Skilled Craftsmen and Leadership with Decades of Experience
  • Complex Spool Fabrication Reduces Field Welds and Labor Cost
  • All Major Non-Destructive Examination Methods Available
McAbee pipe welding
McAbee pipe welding

McAbee Quality Advantage

  • Comprehensive Material Receiving, Verification, & Source Traceability
  • Proactive Checks and Balances Ensure Specification Compliance
  • Near-Time Reporting and Tracking
  • Remote Access to Quality Records and Progress Tracking Data
  • Quality Packages Available at Time of Completion