McAbee Automated Tracking System (MATS)

McAbee’s standard for quality pipe fabrication and industrial construction services is upheld through every aspect of business. In order to maintain a standard of quality that has become synonymous with McAbee, we developed a web-based program that minimizes inefficiencies and ensures quality control.

All fabrication activities are performed utilizing our McAbee Automated Tracking System (MATS). This system is used for keeping track of material receiving, welding procedures, welder qualifications, material traceability, progress reporting, quality control activities and documentation. All of the information gathered in MATS throughout the fabrication process is easily exported into a hyperlinked spreadsheet for instant access to information.

Quality pipe fabrication is what we expect, MATS ensures we deliver just that. Through accountability and transparency, our clients can trust they are informed and up-to-date throughout the project. Through automated data and analytics, our team at McAbee can eliminate mistakes and manage a smooth project from kickoff to delivery. If you’re wondering what sets McAbee apart from other pipe fabrication contractors, it’s MATS.


  • Material Control (Receiving/Traceability)
  • Welding (Procedures & Continuity/Qualifications)
  • Document Control
  • Non-destructive Examination Records
  • Estimating & Invoicing
  • Real-time Status Updates
  • Web-based Client Portal