Leroy McAbee, Sr.


Wendell McAbee


Ken Todd, Executive Vice President/General Manager

Ken Todd

Executive Vice President/General Manager

Leah Ann Sexton

Vice President, HR and Safety

Lee Bailey, Vice President, Operations and Finance

Lee Bailey

Vice President, Operations and Finance

Scott Nichols, Vice President, Fabrication

Scott Nichols

Vice President, Fabrication

Andrew White, Director, Construction

Andrew White

Director, Construction

Stephen Glenn, Director, Pre-construction

Stephen Glenn

Director, Pre-construction

Patrick Swann, Director, Fabrication

Patrick Swann

Director, Fabrication

Glen McDaniel, Director, Quality

Glen McDaniel

Director, Quality

Brad Wiggins, Director, Equipment/IT Administrator

Brad Wiggins

Director, Equipment/IT Administrator

Kevin Shipp

Director, Business Development

Elizabeth Phillips, Director, Financial Reporting

Elizabeth Phillips

Director, Financial Reporting

Andy Mills

Director, Safety & HR

Robert Morriss, Senior Project Manager

Robert Morriss

Senior Project Manager