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Large Scale Pressure Vessel for The Energy Industry

14′ internal diameter shop-fabricated pressure vessel with 1.25″ wall thickness and a shipping weight of 500,000 LBS


McAbee fabricated a crude oil desalter (pressure vessel) that measured 14′ ID and 168′ tangent to tangent. At capacity, the vessel weighs 2 million lbs. This is believed to be the largest crude oil desalter in North America.

The longitudinal seam and circumferential seam welds were performed using submerged arc welding, while gas tungsten arc welding was used for root passes, and gas metal arc welding was used for items such as attachments. Shielded metal arc and flux-cored arc welding were used on a limited basis where specifications called for it.*

*Quoted from Dan Davis, The FABRICATOR (click to read more)


Location Tuscaloosa, AL
Industry Energy
Service Vessel Fabrication